Rachael Owens


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Los Angeles based singer- songwriter Rachael Owens grew up listening to old jazz records and pop radio. She wrote her first song on the piano at age 12. At the age of 17, she started playing guitar and straight out of high school joined a rock band called Higher Ground. Her musical influences at this time ranged from U2 to Prince, from Michael Jackson to Joni Mitchell. Like Joni, she grew up in a small town outside of Calgary, Canada. Her varied musical tastes may be the result of being born in Zambia, Central Africa, and living briefly in Wales, U.K.

As her talents developed and matured, Rachael relocated to Los Angeles, the heart of the music industry where she continues to flourish.

Rachael’s music can be described as soulful pop, mixing smooth vocals and classic songwriting with an eclectic musical style.