PARK DRIVE composes new SKECHERS spots!

PARK DRIVE composes new SKECHERS spots!

We’ve just completed the score for the 2 new SKECHER’S spots airing now, featuring boxing legend SUGAR RAY LEONARD and baseball superstar DAVID ORTIZ.

Check ’em out: SUGAR RAY and DAVID ORTIZ

Introducing DRIVE audio by park drive productions

Drive logoWe’ve assembled a few hundred of our slamminest, shreddinest, hiphopinest and just plain goodest INSTRUMENTALS on a jump drive to make available to music users of all sorts! More details soon.

Welcome to DRIVE audio

PD song lands a placement in CBS’s “SCORPION”

p13012689_b_v8_aaAiring in January 2017, Season 3 episode 13

Park Drive songs on ABC network and Hallmark Channel….

90therealonealsABC Network “The Real O’Neals” features PD song on November 15th and PD also lands a song in the Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas In Homestead” November 24th!

PD lands song in ABC’s “NOTORIOUS” pilot episode 9/22/16

Great song placement on Thursday night’s premiere of this gripping new show!