Greg Gibson

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Greg Gibson, a San Diego, California native, has studied voice since he was in high school, although it wasn’t until he waited out a forced hiatus—allowing him to recover from vocal cord surgery—that his career took on a voice of its own. After several years playing guitar in San Diego–based Waterline Drift, Gibson set out on a solo career that allowed him to explore the full range of his voice, his influences, and his inspiration.

Gibson performs regularly in San Diego at venues including The Casbah, The Ruby Room, The Soda Bar, and the Tin Can Ale House. He has toured up and down the West Coast, both to promote his solo album and previously with Waterline Drift, sharing the stage with American Analog Set, The Watson Twins, Luna, The Album Leaf, and others. Gibson has been featured in West Coast Performer Magazine, San Diego CityBeat, the San Diego Reader, and, and has been played on Legit Radio, 91xFM, and 94.9FM. Recently Greg was nominated for a San Diego Music Award and continues to build a fan base in and around his hometown.

While Gibson is a versatile musician—indeed, his guitar playing often brings his shows to life—it is his voice that is most memorable. As he explained in an interview with Legit Radio: “I have to say I probably favor voice over anything else. I’m a singer at heart.”

Greg has just finished recording a track for the upcoming feature film “SUPER ATHLETE”  starring Back To The Future’s Christopher Lloyd and The Soprano’s Tony Sirico, scheduled for release in the fall of 2012.