This way for HOT HIP HOP!


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PHX-periment is a collaborative project featuring the talents of various Los Angeles based producers and Phoenix rap freestyler Jawa (PHX….yeah?)

Recorded in the spring of 2013 and featuring sensational guest artists including Sheridan, Chrys Ryan and Hannah Ruick, this CD blends uptempo Euro club, frenetic high energy rock and sizzling hiphop with soulful hooks sung by some of music’s best. Cohesive, but unique in every way, this effort can best be described as a twelve round prize fight between B.o.B., Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris and Pitbull and refereed by David Guetta! What’s left standing when the dust clears is uniquely the “PHX-periment”.

Enjoy in moderation, this product is still in the experimental stages, has not been road tested and has not yet been studied beyond the laboratory!

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Check out the VIDEO “BEEN A FIGHTER”