Skyeler Kole

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Canadian born Skyeler Kole is 23 years old and attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. She started singing studio sessions at 11 and has since sung for Fox, Mattell, Macy’s as well as lead and backup vocal sessions for countless CD’s. Recently she appeared on a remix for world renowned remixer Laurent Wolf alongside Kate Markowitz and Arnold McCuller (James Taylor’s backup singers).

Skye is a prolific writer and was a top 10 finalist in the national GINA for the missing songwriting contest. Currently Skyeler performs in a band with her very unique musical family “The Koles” and continues to tour all across the USA and Canada. She is also working towards her solo album which she hopes to complete later this year.

Spring 2014 Update: Fresh from the recording studio, Skyeler has just completed a beautiful new ballad called “MARRY ME”,  guaranteed to tear at your heart strings. See the video here!